Vince Murone. Director: Laboratory Operations and Marketing

Vince Murone founded Analytical Consulting Services in 2001. Vince quickly established services to the wastewater industry and non routine services to larger commercial laboratories and undertook key compliance testing for the agricultural sector.

Vince has vast experience in GC and GC/MS techniques in varied matrices as well previous Laboratory management skills in commercial laboratories.

Vince oversees the daily management of the laboratory as well specialist instrumental analysis and Business Marketing.


Sandy Famulari. Director: Applications and Development

Sandy Famulari joined as partner in 2005. His solid credentials in non-routine Method Development, HPLC and LC-MS techniques including Solid phase extraction have been instrumental to ACS's recent growth in Agricultural analysis of both actives and impurities as well as low level non routine environmental residues.

Sandy's 10 years experience in Chromatographic techniques and comprehensive knowledge of APVMA requirements have been invaluable in dealing with challenging problems of a non-routine laboratory. Sandy also oversees the daily planning and work schedule of the laboratory.


Craig Hicks. Business Development Manager.

Craig Hicks Joined ACS laboratories in 2009 and has over 20 years experience in many disciplines of analytical chemistry and has strong method development skills in non routine analysis and low level residue analysis in commodities such as agricultural feed, vegetables and wine utilizing both GC/MS. Craig has extensive experience in business development, overseeing client liason, tender submissions and laboratory contracts.

Craig has a strong background in pesticides analysis in food matrices and method development and ability to work through critical non-routine contamination issues found in food products, vegetables and wine utilising modern instrumental techniques.


ACS has also an Appointed Qualty Manager to oversee our compliance requirements.



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